NanoTrader has numerous functionalities other platforms simply don’t have. Programming skills are not required.
Feel free to try the real-time demo.



 Good to know
 Quick start to a user-
 friendly platform
TA and charting package of a superior kind
 Tick-by-tick prices
 contribute to increased
Multi-screen and multi-chart solutions
 User favourites
 Combine your
into visual
 buy/sell zones

WHS TechScan A unique tool to find trade opportunities
 Integrate time
 in your order and position

Absolute transparency
with time and sales data

 Alarms via sound, mail
 or SMS

TacticOrders automate orders based on technical indicators
 projects statistics for the
 current market price

 Detail - Guide Films 1- 2
Screeners & scanners
quickly find the signals you are looking for

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NanoTrader has an open architecture. You can load indicators or trading strategies made by others into your platform. These third parties can limit (per user and/or in time) the use of the indicators and strategies they made. This allows them to sell their tools without fear of copying.

NanoTrader contains numerous trading strategies. All these strategies come from reliable and sometimes well known sources. You can use the stragies as they are or modify them. The strategies can be traded manually or (semi-)automatically.